Baby Tech – Fisher Price Baby Swing DC to AC/DC Conversion – No more batteries!

Today, Kendra mentioned that it would be nice to stop wasting money on batteries if there were a way to allow the baby swing to work with AC power. I don’t know why they don’t make them with this feature but I digress. Here’s the swing.

On the inside, it’s super simple and I verified there was room to add the stuff I needed and checked current draw to see how much power it would need.

I decided to add a switch to keep the ability to choose to use batteries as well.

I added an N style plug to make disconnecting the AC cord easy.

In the end, we are battery free.

2 thoughts on “Baby Tech – Fisher Price Baby Swing DC to AC/DC Conversion – No more batteries!

  1. I have the same swing as you do. I have twins and the cost of buying these batteries are eating us alive. Can you provide me detail instruction on your conversion? Thank you, bijin05 @ gmail . com

  2. You basically open the cover, and you’ll see 2 wires going to the battery tray.
    Remove it by either cutting them or solder them off. Make sure do do this so the resistor is maintained.
    Connect the two wires to a switch where the other leads on the switch go to the two connectors on a N style plug.
    That will make the swing AC powered where you’ll just need a power transformer that will fit the plug. Get the most amps you can afford unless you verify the power drain before you purchase.
    if you get a two source switch, you can also connect the two other leads to the battery tray as well so you can toggle power sources as I did.

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