The Girl’s First Camping Trip at Old Miner’s Meadow

We played a ton of Dominion, Volleyball, Ladder Golf, swimming and eat a lot of food.


This weekend was my first hunting trip. The first day we set up camp, I had high hope of gettn’ me some animal.

I used our new van as a bed but later found out after almost suffering from hypothermia that no matter how many blankets you have, the van floor doesn’t insulate cold.

The group included Jay, Doug, Rick, Larry, Ralph and myself. The next day was almost 100 degrees and I found out that hunting is more about waiting than it is shooting. Here’s Ralph showing me a popular spot.

Later on that day, Jay shot and wounded a bear and was deep into brush so we decided to go see if he needed some help to track it down. Yes, that is me in a camping chair in the back of a moving truck. All you seatbelt fanboys probably grew up without them too.

No luck on that bear but Jay did catch some heat stoke:

That night was nice hanging out. I also found out the advantage of all guys camping after a hot day: You can sit around in your skivvies. No I’m not showing that, so here’s a nice general eating shot:

I’m a pretty patient guy, but it was still quite a bit of waiting. Here’s one of me the next day in a hide Larry made. I saw about 15 does that day….but no bucks. Apparently if it doesn’t have horns, you can’t shoot it.

This next day I moved around a bit more and it was about 50 degrees and rainy.

Ralph did manage to get one that afternoon:

All in all, I think if I do it again, I need to hunt where there’s more game.