Star Wars Marathon

Annie and Nathan came to visit! After a Red Robin Lunch with Dad, Sherrill and the kids we went to Saturday night church and had a lazy Sunday in our PJs with a long promised Star Wars marathon.

Annie created her very own chicken burger to enter into Red Robin’s kids chef contest that we tried out for lunch. It was really good, Nathan confirmed that it was the best burger ever!

23 week baby update!

So, no pictures this time, but I had my 23 week ultrasound last week and the girls are both measuring at 12 inches! They weigh 1.3 lbs and 1.4 lbs already. :) . I’m sure that seems tiny but they are at/ slightly ahead of the curve on weight gain for their age and that makes this mom really happy!

We are starting to move into full planning mode now and have started prepping the nursery, are ordering the cribs this weekend and already have the bedding! The part I’m dreading is picking out paint colors for the nursery… Not so great at that! We want something somewhat neutral that can grow with them yet compliments the bedding we have. Hmmm…

Overall the babies are “baking” and the pregnancy is going really well! Other then the dr encouraging me to take it pretty easy out of work, my appetite being outrageous, and getting out of bed becoming more awkward… Life is moving along as usual!