Segway Accident

So freash off the heels of hearing about how the owner of Segway recently died on a Segway….I myself had to go to work today to tell everyone that I fell off a Segway.

Kendra did a good job on my wounds…

Doesn’t that just look like it hurts!?

Well… did yank some hairs off my skin but not because I really fell off a Segway. You see, apparently when you remove liquid latex, it takes some hairs with it but this is really just Halloween makeup.

How did we turn a pretty boy like myself into a bleeding Segway rider? Apparently you just have to marry a creative woman who comes up with the idea to put tiny rolls of toilet paper on you like so:

And then get creative with it:

The real hard part was finding a wet tree to mess up an old pair of pants. Luckily, there was one in our front yard.

All in all, my costume for this year was the most elaborate to date.

Mom, I say again…..This is a COSTUME….No humans, animals or pregnant people were harmed in the making of this wardrobe so let your heart settle down before you call and chew me out ;-)

34 Weeks!

As of today the doctor says that they will not try to stop labor but simply let the babies come when they are ready! Yikes, the question is are we ready?

Last Thursday I had an ultrasound and the babies were already measuring at 5lbs 3oz and 4lbs 15 oz. We could have big babies! We are both glad that they are growing well but do question the boxing matches that we can actually see from the outside. :)

At this point we are more trying to organize than anything else. We want to know where everything is and make sure everything has a place to make it easier when they get here :) . If there is ever a next time I think that I will take a page out of Katie’s book (Jason’s cousin) and start way early!

I will be putting together an email/phone list so that people can be notified when the girls arrive. For those of you on facebook I’ll probably have my sister post a picture and some info. Jason will probably add pictures and a few short notes on here… Maybe even a video depending on how crazy everything is.

Well, that is about it for now which means that I should probably get up and ready for church… Then off to shop for a Halloween costume for Jason… He will be wearing one to work later this week hee hee!