Baby Tech – Fisher Price Baby Swing DC to AC/DC Conversion – No more batteries!

Today, Kendra mentioned that it would be nice to stop wasting money on batteries if there were a way to allow the baby swing to work with AC power. I don’t know why they don’t make them with this feature but I digress. Here’s the swing.

On the inside, it’s super simple and I verified there was room to add the stuff I needed and checked current draw to see how much power it would need.

I decided to add a switch to keep the ability to choose to use batteries as well.

I added an N style plug to make disconnecting the AC cord easy.

In the end, we are battery free.

Newest way to handle two…

So balancing the girls when I need to feed them on my own has been a challenge! Even if one is done feeding she often wants to be cuddled for awhile which isn’t always possible when feeding the other. Today, by accident, I found that at least sometimes cuddling up to a warm leg is almost the same as being held… Below is Emily, happily being “held” while I am feeding Grace. Amazing!