Scary day

If you ever want to scare your mom take a swan dive off a three foot retaining wall and land on your head. I guess that Gracie wanted to scare Mom today…. Thankfully after a visit from the local paramedics and an extended visit at the urgent care Grace is safely home but a bit worse for the wear. She is sporting a nasty lump on her head and pretty crazy scratches on her face. We are just glad that she is recovering and that after a few hours break she is back to being her usual mischievous self.


The nurses and doctors at Kaiser's urgent care in Salem were amazing! After lots of checking on Grace they sanctioned a much needed nap for Gracie and both girls got a little shuteye with the blankets and pillows they brought in. Below, both girls napping in urgent care.




When they woke up they got lunch thanks to our fabulous neighbor Diane who stayed with us during our entire visit and then the nurses treated then to gogurt and popsicles…


Finally we headed home and now after checking on Grace for the dozenth time I think it is time to call it a night. Here is to hoping that tomorrow is a better day.